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The History of Women Participation in Sports

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Women In Sports

The History of Women Participation in Sports

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Women In Sports

A Powerful B2B Marketing Plan Template for The History of Women in Sports Your Business. Get exclusive early access to unique content in the form of monthly, actionable lessons delivered straight to your inbox. (UPDATE #2 (July 2017): This article, and our B2B Marketing Plan Template, have been significantly expanded to include a wider selection of marketing tactics and ideas. The blog post has also been expanded to include deeper, broader explanations of the principles behind successful marketing strategies. To get the expanded list and the complete, augmented B2B Marketing Plan Template, you#8217;ll need to are preschool old?, download the The History in Sports, Analyze Your Marketing — 13 Steps to a Clear Marketing Strategy ebook, which not only includes the template, but has dozens of pages of explanations, tips, examples, and ideas that help you. If We A Body And Not A Soul Then Who We? Understand who you#8217;re targeting with your marketing Outline how the specific marketing tactics you#8217;ve chosen will resonate with your target markets and of Women segments Build a brand from Censorship:, scratch or update an existing brand Tie your marketing strategies and tactics to both specific audience(s)/market segments and business goals Ensure you#8217;re not wasting time on The History of Women in Sports, worthless marketing tactics while better opportunities pass you by. If We A Body A Soul Then? You can still download an updated version (as of 2017) of the free B2B Marketing Plan Template by scrolling to the end of this article, but the free version will not include. The expanded Brand Persona Template The expanded Customer Persona Template The comprehensive marketing goal-setting exercises Close to 80 pages of marketing explanations, examples of marketing strategies and tactics, and a wide variety of tools and of Women Participation in Sports tips to help you reach your target customers and are not a body a soul then who we are? get those valuable accounts that make the difference between a fantastic year and squeezing by.) And now for the article#8230; Your Marketing Sucks Because You Don#8217;t Have a Plan, and You Can#8217;t Grow Based on Product, Price, or Customer Service Alone. Here#8217;s what I#8217;ve seen in case, after case, after case — businesses have been coasting on the strength of their product, their customer service, and their price, for a very long time. They#8217;ve been successful because. Participation In Sports? They have a unique offering They got into Final Paper essays, an industry early That have extensive industry expertise They#8217;ve cut costs drastically or are extremely efficient, leading to consistently competitive pricing They#8217;re impressive networkers and have powerful industry connections They provide products and The History in Sports services that meets an incredibly high standard of quality They#8217;ve shrewdly targeted a niche market and paired it with their niche expertise They#8217;re incredibly talented and What should in college? have an incredibly talented team They provide amazing customer service and The History of Women in Sports really care about their customers and what they do They#8217;re all around rockstars, and Jf van phd thesis they were born to win.

And while a business can grow to a certain point and be extremely successful in a limited way based on the above criteria, there#8217;s a hard business truth that every Business Superhero eventually butts their head against The History of Women Participation in Sports, (often with disastrous consequences): None of that awesome stuff above will lead to infinite growth — at some point, you will always need marketing to continue to grow. And a business that doesn#8217;t grow is a business that#8217;s doomed to fail. Write My Essay In 2? Look, you#8217;re good at what you do, and your team is good at in Sports, what they do. You wouldn#8217;t be reading this if that wasn#8217;t the case. But sooner or later, every business has to implement a well-thought-out, specific, data driven, masterfully employed, and my essay in 2 hours meticulously checked, rechecked, and The History of Women Participation in Sports adjusted marketing strategy (often quite a few of them, depending on the number of markets targeted) in order to Final Paper custom essays, break through their growth plateau and start competing with the big boys. Of Women In Sports? Maybe you coasted on a wave of growth based on one of those criteria above. Maybe you had some knowledge of marketing and were able to implement a simple strategy for Write in 2 a while. But now you#8217;ve reached a point where that can#8217;t be sustained, where you need to in Sports, get serious, specific, and granular about the precise ways you#8217;re going to reach a variety of Final essays target markets and segments and The History then start converting them into customers.

You#8217;ve eaten up all the low-hanging fruit — you#8217;re ready to the Great, start the hard grind upward. You#8217;re ready to get serious. You need a serious marketing plan. Our B2B marketing plan template will help you get there — we offer a free version at the end of this post, but if you want a robust plan, you#8217;re going to have to crack open the The History, wallet and plunk down a few Washingtons to the Great, get the Analyze Your Marketing ebook. In Sports? Or, you know, just hire us #128578; Before we jump into should I study in college?, the B2B marketing plan template, let#8217;s cover some of the The History, basics. What Are Preschool Art Teachers To Teach Ages Old? Any Techniques, Skills?? For instance, what sets business-to-business marketing apart from business-to-consumer marketing (and why should we care)? B2B Marketing Basics — Emotion Plays Less of a Role, but It Still Plays a Role. The big difference that many people think exists between B2B marketing and The History of Women in Sports B2C marketing is Write my essay in 2 hours this: in B2B marketing, you#8217;re marketing to a business, and so your marketing needs to be targeting, basically, a robot. The History Of Women In Sports? I swear, it#8217;s like some people literally think they#8217;re marketing to the brick and mortar location itself#8230; Instead of the people in the building. The truth is, every business is schalkwyk run by people, and even massive multinationals with layers of decision makers who supposedly keep emotion out of their decisions do anything but. Participation In Sports? The truth is, even CFOs and CEOs are emotional creatures, and phd thesis they can be reached using many of the same marketing tactics that work so well on consumers.

The truth is, even high-powered C-suite veterans are only partially influenced by data, smart rhetoric, clever arguments, and demonstrations of quality, price, and high-end customer service. The truth is (I swear it#8217;s the last time I#8217;ll say that), time is limited, and if your numbers and of Women offering are right, the only thing that#8217;s going to Research Paper, stand between you and that big account you#8217;ve always dreamed of is a few competitors and the emotionally driven gut decisions of people with fancy letters after their name. If you can choose marketing tactics that appeal to the emotions of of Women Participation these people, you#8217;ll likely be more effective than the stiff, stilted, overly professional competition. Why would I include this information in a blog post about building a marketing plan? Because too often I see unique, well-positioned brands fall to pieces as they grow. Paper Custom Essays? They start to The History in Sports, think they need to do too much (instead of focusing on what they do best) and that they need to look and Write my essay sound like everyone else.

They focus heavily on the logical side of of Women Participation in Sports every marketing tactic and completely forget the emotional side of the equation. They go from unique to a faded grey, they blend in with everyone else, and they can#8217;t figure out why their rocketing growth suddenly plateaus (and starts heading backwards). So, as you consider your markets, your audience, the segments of your market that you want to target most, remembering that they are, at their very core, human beings. They#8217;re not robots. They#8217;re not skyscrapers. Schalkwyk? They#8217;re not brands or logos. They#8217;re people — and you can appeal to them the same way you can appeal to the average consumer. And the average consumer, the Participation, average human, is Censorship: the Great influenced more powerfully by their emotions than their logic. Participation In Sports? They go with their gut more often than not. This is true for men and women, it#8217;s true across the Final essays, board, it#8217;s just that, in B2B marketing, you need to have your ducks in a row before you start employing marketing tactics that have an of Women Participation, emotional basis.

You Can#8217;t Rely on a Template to are not a soul who we, Plan for of Women Participation Every Eventuality — You Have to Continually Revise and Update Your Marketing Plan Based on Jf van phd thesis, Market and Business Conditions. The History Of Women? There is no one right way to write a marketing plan, and plans have a nasty tendency to I study in college?, fall apart when they meet face-to-face with reality. However, if your plan is of Women Participation fluid and Final Research Paper custom flexible, if you continually revisit, revise, and edit your plan to take into account how the tactics are working in practice — basically, if your marketing plan is a living document — it#8217;s going to The History of Women, be effective. You have to spend time on your plan, but not too much time. What? If you spend tons of time trying to come up with the perfect plan, you’ll end up with a plan that was perfect for conditions 3 months ago but that may have no relevance to your business today. That fluidity is critical — you don’t want a static plan that looks forward an entire year without wiggle room. Plans that might be effective in the first quarter can fall apart when the business environment changes, so you need a plan that#8217;s going to flow with the dynamic environment of of Women in Sports business#8230; And the hours, only way it can do that is if you#8217;re referring back to it constantly and making changes when necessary.

We recommend you check your filled-out B2B marketing plan template at Participation, least every month — make adjustments as you go, check when you can, look at the data, and go with your gut. I Study In College?? Metrics don’t do you much good if you don’t apply changes when you have new information, so don#8217;t ignore what you learn. How to The History of Women Participation in Sports, Use the Jf van schalkwyk phd thesis, B2B Marketing Plan Template Most Effectively. A marketing plan is only as good as the planning that goes into it. Just choosing a handful of marketing tactics out of a hat and saying, #8220;Yeah, that seems good,#8221; is of Women in Sports a good way to waste a bunch of money. A good marketing plan requires the following: SMART goals (explained below) Target audience(s) and a clear understanding of the target market/segments Defined brand(s), product(s), and service(s) Now, we have a variety of templates that help you define all of I study these things: Some of Participation in Sports this stuff is included in the ebook, some of it isn#8217;t, so your best bet is to just download it all and Jf van schalkwyk work your way through it. Some of of Women it is Write my essay hours paid, some of it isn#8217;t, but frankly, I#8217;m not too worried about the of Women, people who only Final custom essays want the free stuff — people who are serious, the hard workers, they#8217;ll buy whatever they need to The History Participation in Sports, buy to succeed. You know which one you are. To use your B2B marketing plan template most effectively, you need to set goals, flesh out Write my essay in 2 your brand, define your audience for The History of Women Participation in Sports each marketing strategy, thoroughly define your products and services#8230; all of are not and not who we are? it has to be worked out of Women Participation before you even begin to think about dropping some cash and putting marketing tactics into motion. Your brand, your products, and your services are both informed by What art teachers supposed the children Any techniques, (and themselves inform) your target markets and the segments you choose to target. As your target audience shifts, grows, ages, and of Women in Sports changes, so too will your brand.

Your goals will fluctuate from quarter to quarter, year to year, and decade to the Great, decade. All of The History these things inform your marketing strategies. You might have dozens of Research essays strategies all centered around different products, services, markets, and business ventures, all of which are going to change and fluctuate over time. To use our B2B marketing plan template most effectively, you need to realize this at a gut level and always be ready and willing to The History of Women in Sports, change your plan to meet new conditions. If We And Not A Soul Then Who We? All factors must be taken into account if you want to choose the The History of Women in Sports, most effective blend of tactics, combine them with business goals, and form them into a variety of strategies. Marketing Tactics VS Marketing Strategy. Look, if you really want to dive into the difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics, you can read this blog post, but the difference can be summed up pretty simply with one sentence: Strategy is your plan to achieve a specific business goal — your tactics are how you actually make that happen.

This requires that you have clear business goals worked out Censorship: from the outset. Your goals should be SMART: Now, our free B2B marketing plan template and the ebook both include a summary on SMART goals and The History in Sports a worksheet that teaches you how to create SMART goals in a meaningful way, but if you want to are not a body and not a soul who we are?, learn more about setting SMART goals and The History Participation in Sports creating a SMART action plan, read this blog post. Here#8217;s a simple example of a SMART goal: Our goal is to grow our business by 7% in the next year by increasing conversions by 15%, leads from If we are not then are?, our website by 50%, leads from our outdoor advertising campaigns by 12%, and by Participation increasing the value of the schalkwyk, average sale by 10%. This goal is very specific, it#8217;s measurable, it#8217;s time-bound, and, for this particular business, it#8217;s both agreed upon and reasonable. Once you have a goal, it#8217;s time to create your marketing plan: that’s your strategy—the overarching plan to turn your goal into reality. Tactics are the specific marketing methods you use within that strategy to of Women Participation, reach your goals. If We And Not A Soul Then Are?? I#8217;ll give you a very simple example based on the SMART goal listed above: Our strategy to grow our business is as follows — we will employ a combination of pay-per-click and social media advertising to increase our website leads. We will increase our outdoor advertising by 30% in of Women Participation in Sports, our major markets and custom essays begin outdoor advertising campaigns in two new markets to generate more leads in those areas. We will also offer a series of of Women Participation in Sports promotions on our core products to increase conversions, and we will increase commissions on upsells and cross sells to If we are not then who we are?, encourage higher-value sales.

What you see above is of Women Participation in Sports a (simplistic) marketing strategy, based around a goal, that incorporates specific marketing tactics which should achieve that goal. Once you have your goals in mind and your strategy in place, you really need to think a great deal about each tactic. Consider the following: The reason for choosing the tactic — why choose this tactic over another? How will it help me achieve my goal(s)? The audience/target market/market segment — who are we targeting, why are we targeting them, and how will targeting them help us achieve our goal? Time frame — is this tactic going to be effective in the time frame it needs to be effective in? Is short term what we need, or is long term better?

Frequency — how often are we going to employ this specific tactic? How many times will we try it before we retire it? Cost — how much is this actually going to cost us? Are we going to get a measurable, reasonable return on our investment? At what point does it become too expensive to If we a body then are?, continue? Let#8217;s dive into each of these. What#8217;s My Reason For Choosing This Marketing Tactic? You may have multiple reasons for including a tactic in your marketing strategy, so, as you work your way through your B2B marketing plan template, list them all.

Part of choosing a tactic is knowing why you are spending money on something, even if that reason is, “Because someone who knows what they’re talking about told me to of Women Participation, do it.” However, you still want to try to find better reasons that relate to the goals you are trying to achieve. Some reasons for choosing one tactic over What the children 4-6 years old? Any techniques, another might be to. Establish your brand as a thought leader Create brand awareness Generate new leads Nurture leads through the Participation, sales funnel Increase conversions Increase average sales value Support your sales force Improve/change brand image Acquire customers Retain customers Upsell/cross sell existing customers. Should I Study In College?? If you’re spending money on something, you need to know why you’re spending that money and what you hope to achieve as a result. Any tactic you use must be a good fit with your ideal customers. If the The History of Women Participation in Sports, market won#8217;t support the tactic, if the environment is essays wrong, if the segment doesn#8217;t respond (or worse, responds negatively), the tactic is wrong. Participation In Sports? You wouldn#8217;t plan to attend a tradeshow where none of schalkwyk phd thesis your potential customers (or other parts of your supply chain) will be in attendance. The History Of Women Participation In Sports? You wouldn#8217;t spend time on Censorship: the Great, a social network that doesn#8217;t represent your market well. And if you#8217;ve built your customer personas, then this shouldn#8217;t be a problem — you#8217;ll already have a pretty good idea of what will work on each audience (and what won#8217;t).

You also need to figure out The History Participation in Sports if you have multiple audiences. What’s effective for one audience may be totally ineffective for other audiences. If that#8217;s the case, then you need to come up with multiple personas to make sure that you target each customer segment effectively. You want to in 2, make sure you#8217;re using your resources effectively. This is pretty important. As you know, your resources are finite. You can’t afford to waste time or money on something that isn’t working and won’t create a return on investment. Every minute is worth something in your business, and The History you want to spend your time as wisely as you spend your money, so make sure that the tactics you invest your time and money into are targeting your ideal customers and clients.

What#8217;s the then who we are?, Timeframe for The History of Women Participation This Tactic? You need to figure out exactly when you#8217;re going to use each tactic. Should I Study? When during the year is Participation going to be the best time to use each tactic? For instance, you may want to wait until the fall to start your email drip campaign, leading up to an industry event in the spring. Some tactics may only have a start date and aim to continue for the foreseeable future. With What Frequency Will I Employ This Tactic? You also need to consider how frequently you’re going to employ each of your tactics. Are Not A Soul Who We? How often will you deploy pay-per-click ads on The History Participation, social media? Will you run them constantly for 6 months, or only a few times a month? Are you going to continue to spend money on radio and and not then TV ads every week, or is it time to only do a few a year?

Will you put out blog posts monthly? Bimonthly? Weekly? How many tradeshows will you attend this year? Find a frequency that’s reasonable (and doable) for each tactic. HINT: For some tactics, it may be wise to start small and increase frequency as you meet your goals. Start out with an overly aggressive task load, and you may never get your marketing plan off the ground. How Much Will This Marketing Tactic Cost Me? Don’t forget your costs! You need to make sure you’re utilizing your resources effectively.

Planning it all out and in Sports developing an extremely detailed, specific strategy will force you to look at the costs as a whole. You won#8217;t get far with your marketing plan if your budget doesn#8217;t make sense, so go ahead and factor in those monetary costs now. This will also make it easier to determine if you#8217;re getting a positive return on your investment when you check your progress later. Time is a part of should your cost too — Are you spending your (or your employee’s) time effectively? Is it worth it to The History of Women in Sports, keep paying someone to spend hours blogging when their time might be better spent writing marketing emails for you? Just looking at how much time you and your employees are spending on should I study, various tasks can show you where you can make changes. Of Women? What Are My Expectations And Goals?

You can#8217;t launch into a new marketing tactic without having some sort of expectation of art teachers supposed the children Any techniques, skills? outcomes, so spend some time thinking about your goals, but also spend time thinking, realistically, about potential outcomes. Try to set attainable yet aggressive goals for your marketing, evaluate your progress, and of Women be realistic about how it#8217;s working out. Follow the hours, SMART goals recommendations found here, and don#8217;t be afraid to reset your goals (and your marketing tactics!) along the way. And, at The History in Sports, least once a month, you should be analyzing your progress in each area of your marketing plan and adjusting the plan and Final Research essays tactics (and goals!) accordingly. Some Tactics We Recommend You Use When Filling out Our B2B Marketing Plan Template. Although there are quite a few tactics out The History there (and really, the What are preschool art teachers supposed ages, possibilities are almost limitless), here are a few that you might consider: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEM (Search Engine Marketing) PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) Social Media Marketing Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest Snapchat Industry-Specific Social Media Sites Content Marketing Blogging Whitepapers Ebooks Checklists Webinars Video Tutorials Email Marketing Warm and Cold Emails Email Drips Direct Mail Affiliate Marketing Tradeshow Marketing Radio/TV Advertising Outdoor Marketing (digital and The History of Women in Sports physical billboards, posters, vehicle wraps, mobile billboards, window signs, and handheld signs) Point-of-Sale Marketing Press Releases Promotional Items SMS Marketing and my essay hours Proximity Marketing Remarketing/Programmatic Marketing Telemarketing/Cold Calling Guerilla Marketing and of Women Participation Viral Campaigns. Remember, the important thing is to meet your audience where they already are and to properly represent your brand in every tactic you plan. Choose your goals, develop a strategy, add in tactics, and put it to work — stay in budget, keep doing what works, and stop the stuff that isn#8217;t working.

As simple as it sounds, it#8217;s often more art than science. Write My Essay In 2 Hours? Watch your metrics, track things carefully, but go with your gut. Trust yourself to know what#8217;s best — and, if you just don#8217;t have the marketing chops to make it happen, click the button to contact us. In Sports? We#8217;d love to help you grow. If We Are Not A Body A Soul Are?? Download the B2B Marketing Plan Template and the Ebook Now. If you#8217;re ready to get to work, then click the button to download our B2B Marketing Template. Or, if you want to The History Participation in Sports, stop screwing around and get serious about increasing your commissions, generating leads, pumping up website traffic, and converting, buy the Analyze Your Marketing — 13 Steps to a Clear Marketing Strategy ebook.

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How do the mental health service respond to the rising incidents of self harm among young people. The Oxford Medical Dictionary defines suicide as self-destruction that is The History of Women Participation performed as a deliberate act. Although it is are preschool old? skills? strongly linked to self-harm , it is noteworthy that self-harm is The History Participation in Sports often not a suicide attempt, but actually a parasuicide -when self-harm is carried out for other reasons other than killing oneself. Deliberate self-harm refers to “a wide range of behaviours and intentions including attempted hanging, impulsive self-poisoning, and superficial self-cutting in response to intolerable tension” (Skegg, 2005). According to The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), self-harm is an expression of personal distress, and is not in itself, and illness. It is a situation in which a person inflicts harm on himself or herself in an attempt to end one’s life, relieve tension, escape anguish, change others’ behaviours, show desperation or cry for help (Hawton and are not a body and not then are?, James, 2005). Thus it ranges from behaviours with no suicidal intent through to actual suicide.

However, is has been proposed that some successful suicides are actually self-harming episodes that go wrong. Suicide and self-harm among teenagers usually occurs by means of self-cutting or self-poisoning. Other common examples include hitting or burning oneself, pulling hair or picking skins and self-strangulation. Generally, teenagers tend to use means that are readily available within their homes. Self-poisoning accounts for approximately 90% of reported hospital cases -usually involving over-the-counter preparations such as paracetamol and aspirin, or psychotropic agents. Rarely, self-harm is of Women carried out by more violent acts such as attempted hanging; in my essay hours, which case, it is generally associated with higher suicidal intent.

While previous self-harm is a major determining factor for future suicides, the reverse is obviously not the case. Possibly, a major difference between these two increasingly prevalent occurrences is Participation in Sports complete hopelessness often associated with suicide victims. It is widely believed that adolescents who commit suicides are products of broken homes, have history of family of self-psychiatric disorders or suicidal behaviour, substance misuse or have previously self-harmed. In self-harm, oftentimes the individual is merely crying for help in an extreme manner. This is fundamental to should I study in college? the rationale behind the extensive assessment recommended for all patients who have self-harmed.

Although these two conditions often overlap, differences have been highlighted between suicides and The History, deliberate self-harm in terms of epidemiology and prevalence. While suicide rates increase with age, the majority of deliberate self-harm occur in my essay, people under 35 years of age. Gender variation has also been widely observed, with suicides being more common in males and deliberate self-harm in females. Also, differences arise in the psychiatric status of the patients. Post mortem studies of suicide victims show that there is usually an Participation, underlying psychiatric disorder such as depression associated with the victim’s mental health. This is not always the case with self-harm patients. Although there could be a history of depressive illness, self-harm is frequently an Final Research Paper custom essays, impulsive act, probably enhanced by The History Participation alcohol or drug consumption (Hawton and James, 2005). Self-harm is What art teachers to teach ages Any techniques, skills? a serious public health problem and young people are particularly affected by it (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). A case of a patient who has self-harmed is a chance for the health services to effectively evaluate and of Women Participation, address any relevant underlying problems and is an opportunity to What art teachers the children old? Any techniques, skills? successfully avert potential future suicides.

The extent of self-harm and suicides among young people has been accurately described as an unknown quantity (Bywaters and Rolfe, 2002). Reportedly, 8 out of every 100,000 deaths in England and Wales each year are suicide cases. There are an estimated 25,000 adolescent self-harm presentations annually in hospitals in England and Wales (Hawton et al, 2000) and government research report that as many as 1 in The History Participation, 17 young people have attempted to What supposed to teach the children harm themselves. Suicide is the second most common cause of death among 15- to 34-year olds. These rates are even higher (20-50 times) in psychotic patients than in the general population. The often-vast variation between different prevalence sources is most likely an indicator of geographic, epidemiogical and The History Participation, cultural variation in self-harm trends. Global suicide rates in young people have increased during the Censorship:, past three decades. Of Women In Sports! According to the Office of supposed the children ages Any techniques,, National Statistics (1999), 1.3% of 5-10 year olds have tried to harm, hurt or kill himself/herself.

More than four times this proportion (5.8%) of the older children aged 11 to 15 years old report having attempted to of Women self-harm or commit suicide. Most child and adolescent mental the health services take the school-leaving age of Write my essay in 2 hours, 16 as their upper limit. Thus most available statistics are only for children up to the age of The History, 16. It is important that children who fall within this narrow and Jf van schalkwyk phd thesis, oft-omitted age-gap (16-18 year olds) are not neglected, and are properly catered for. The statistics also show that among the 5-10 year olds, boys were almost twice as likely to self-harm than their female counterparts. Likewise, children of single-parent homes also had more tendencies for deliberate self-harm than children of The History of Women in Sports, couple-parent families. Surprisingly, children with no siblings had slightly more chance of If we a body and not a soul are?, committing self-harm than children from larger families.

40% of Participation in Sports, these children who had tried to self-harm had a mental disorder, and Paradox, one in The History of Women Participation in Sports, three had experienced 3 or more stressful life events. In contrast, among the the Great, 11-15 year olds, self-harm appears to be more prevalent among girls (58%) than boys. However, these older children are apparently more likely to self-harm if they have a lot of siblings. 50% of The History Participation in Sports, these adolescents who had tried to harm, hurt or kill themselves had a mental disorder and over 40% had experienced 3 or more stressful life events. Parents generally tend to underestimate their children’s self-harm tendencies and history, as illustrated by the vast differences in parents and children’s accounts of self-harm and suicide attempts. Final Paper Custom! This gives an insight into the level of shrouding and secrecy that is associated with these phenomena and casts doubts on the validity and reliability of these widely accepted statistics. Stigmatisation and ostracization commonly associated with suicide and self-harm victims and families is the most likely reason behind under-reporting and denial. In addition, prevalence of suicides is largely underestimated because of reluctance of in Sports, coroners to classify cause of death as suicides, especially in children.

A large proportion of the so-called “open verdicts” are, in fact, suicides (Hawton and James, 2005). Should! Self-harm techniques such as self-cutting usually go unnoticed. As the most common method of DSH by in Sports teenagers, the implications are that the rates of a body and not a soul who we are?, self-harm amongst adolescents are grossly under-reported. Thus it is important to The History Participation in Sports note that these daunting statistics might actually represent a conservative estimate of the reality of Paradox, self-harm and suicide attempts among young people . Investigating potential socio-demographic and clinical predictors of suicide, Cooper et al (2005) concluded that there was an approximately 30-fold increase in risk of suicide in deliberate self-harm patients than in the general population. The History Of Women Participation! Furthermore, suicide rates were found to be highest within the schalkwyk, first 6 months after the initial self-harm episode. This is the basis for early assessment and treatment as will be discussed in of Women in Sports, subsequent sections. Examining trends and What should in college?, characteristics of self-harm in The History of Women Participation, adolescents between 1990 and 2000, Hawton et al (2003) found that the Final Paper custom, prevalence of self-harm among young females was on Participation the increase.

These rising rates could reflect latent negative effects of a number of social changes. Jf Van Schalkwyk Phd Thesis! Possible reasons for The History Participation this increase include increased rates of family breakdowns, increasing rates of substance misuse, media influences and common peer behaviours. In a self-report survey, Hawton et al (2002) studied the should I study, prevalence of Participation in Sports, deliberate self-harm in adolescents aged 15 and 16 years old, and the factors associated with it. The Great Paradox! In this age group, females were more likely to self-harm than males. The History Of Women Participation In Sports! Ethnicity-wise, teenagers of white origin were more likely to self-harm than their Asian counterparts. What Are Preschool Ages Old? Any Techniques,! Black young people were the least likely to The History of Women in Sports self-harm. Write Hours! In addition, teenagers who lived with other family members apart from their parents were more likely to self-harm than those who live with one or both parents. Smokers also had more incidents of self-harm than non-smokers, with frequency increasing with number of The History of Women Participation in Sports, cigarettes smoked in art teachers supposed to teach the children old?, girls. Similar trends were observed with young people who consumed alcohol. Expectedly, bullying and other forms of abuse (physical or sexual) was a major determining factor for adolescents who self-harm. Other factors which played a role in self-harm amongst young people were sexual orientation worries, trouble with police and family or friends who harm themselves.

Although self-harm is observed in all age-groups, it has an of Women, average age of onset of 12 years old (Fox and Hawton, 2004). Thus the Paradox, importance of addressing this problem in adolescents is blatantly obvious. Factors that have been substantiated to be strongly associated with self-harm amongst adolescents are very similar to The History of Women characteristics associated with suicidal patients. These include: Depression Substance misuse Physical or sexual abuse Low self esteem Physical ill-health Disputes with parents, siblings or friends School or work problems. In an ecological and person-based study, Hawton et al (2001) investigated the influence of the schalkwyk, economic and social environment on The History of Women deliberate self-harm and suicide. Improving on the methodical limitations of What are preschool supposed to teach the children 4-6 years old? Any techniques, skills?, previous studies, the researchers studied DSH patients over 10 years.

The relationship between socio-economic deprivations was shown to be very significant in males and The History, females. If We Who We Are?! These findings have been collaborated by a more specific study (patients under 18 years old). Socio-economic deprivation was significantly associated with overdose, self-injury and poisoning by Participation in Sports illicit substances (Ayton et al, 2003). Accounting for confounding factors, correlations remained significant, further validating the results of the study. Although the relationship between ethnic density and deliberate self-harm tendencies is not well established, Neeleman and colleagues (2001) demonstrated variable deliberate self-harm rates in various minority groups, suggesting protection and risk in different areas. This is a gap in What the children 4-6 years old? skills?, the literature for of Women Participation in Sports future research. Are Preschool To Teach Old?! School stress has also been shown to play a role in DSH in teenagers (Hawton et al, 2003). The findings from widespread international research suggest that the most determining risk factors for youth suicide are mental disorders and a history of psychopathology (Beautrais, 2000). In Sports! Others could be individual and personal vulnerabilities, social, cultural and What should I study in college?, contextual factors. Possible motives for self-harming behaviour other than death are highlighted below (Hawton and James, 2005): To escape from unbearable anguish.

To change the behaviour of others. To escape from a situation. To show desperation to The History of Women others. To make others feel guilty. My Essay Hours! To gain relief of tension. To seek help.

Furthermore, research has provided a useful insight into the factors that can influence repetitive self-harm behaviours despite aftercare and treatment. This is of Women Participation in Sports important in the assessment of patients who have self-harmed to identify those who are likely to self-harm again and prevent such episodes. Factors that are associated with repeated self-harm as highlighted by Hawton and James (2005) include personality disturbance, depression, alcohol or substance misuse, disturbed family relationships, social isolation and poor school records. Hawton et al (1999) demonstrated that self-harm repeaters differed from the non-repeaters in having higher scores for depression, hopelessness and trait anger, and lower scores for self-esteem. Specific reasons that have been cited for If we are not a body then who we are? self-harm by young people, as highlighted by the National Inquiry (2006) include: · Strained relationships with parents. · Worry about academic performance.

· Childhood abuse (sexual, physical or emotional) · Low self-esteem or rejection. · Problems to do with race, culture or religion. 2. The History Of Women Participation! Responding To Young People Who Self-Harm. 2.1 Guidelines And Evidence For Good Practice. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE, 2004) has proposed guidelines for the short-term physical and psychological management and secondary prevention of Censorship: the Great, self-harm in primary and Participation in Sports, secondary care. In addition, The Royal College of Write my essay hours, Psychiatrists (RCPSYCH) also provides guidance on managing young people up to the age of 16 who deliberately harm themselves.

Such guidelines are readily applicable to the Health service i.e. Accident and Emergency departments and Child and Adolescents Mental Health Services. Integrating these treatment guidelines and the findings of related research, the management of these young self-harm patients will be extensively discussed under the following sub-titles: Assessment Treatment planning Admission to hospital Treatment options Medical and The History of Women Participation, surgical management Referral and discharge following self-harm Pharmacological interventions Family support Prevention. A comprehensive child and adolescent mental health service needs to should take all the above facets into consideration when treating this group of extremely vulnerable patients.

The NICE guidelines (2004) emphasize the importance of treating patients who have self-harmed with the same care, respect and privacy as any other patient. In fact, the likely distress associated with self-harm may necessitate additional care and tact when dealing with these patients. Also, health services are urged to provide appropriate training to all staff (clinical and The History Participation in Sports, non-clinical) that has any form of contact with the patients to fully equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively understand and care for people who have self-harmed. Ideally, training should cover areas such as crisis counselling, risk assessment, stress management, mental health triage, cultural awareness, working with families and confidentiality issues (Wynaden et al, 2000). Clearly, the importance of ensuring patients’ safety while in hospital is colossal. These patients should be offered an Paper essays, environment that is safe, supportive and minimises any distress. The NICE guidelines (2004) suggest a separate, quiet room with supervision and regular contact with a named member of staff to ensure safety at all times.

The high rate of self-harm patients who repeatedly self-harm or go ahead to commit suicide in The History Participation, the future makes it imperative to conduct an extensive and Write in 2, detailed assessment of young people who self-harm . Young people who have self-harmed in a potentially serious or violent way should be assessed either by a child and adolescent psychiatrist, a specialist mental worker, a psychologist, a psychotherapist or a psychiatric nurse (Hawton and James, 2005). The NICE guidelines propose that all people who have self-harmed should be offered this preliminary assessment at triage, regardless of the Participation, severity of the in 2, attack. Apart from the obligatory emergency physical assessment, this will give an insight into the patient’s mental health, the level of distress and their willingness to co-operate with the in Sports, medical team. In addition, the patient’s psychosocial situation and are not a body a soul who we are?, the ability of parents or guardians to ensure their safety should be addressed (RCPSYCH, 2006). As the first point of contact, ambulance staff have a crucial role to play in the initial assessment of young people who have self-harmed (NICE, 2004). The History! The Australian Mental Health Triage Scale is a validated comprehensive assessment scale that provides a means of efficiently rating clinical urgency so that patients can be seen in a timely manner. This scale has been shown to improve staff confidence and attitudes in dealing with clients with mental health problems, thus improving patients’ outcomes in the long-run (Broadbent et al, 2004). Research has shown the importance of cultural, ethnic and racial awareness and sensitivity in the assessment process.

Some cultures regard suicide attempts as taboo, and it is always good practice to take such factors into consideration. In addition, a language interpreter may be required to communicate effectively with the patient and family. 2.1.2 Treatment Planning. Following the preliminary assessment, it is considered good practice to have an action or treatment plan (Hawton and James, 2005). The treatment plan should take into account all aspects of the patient’s management in hospital, ranging from my essay treatment options to pharmacological and psychological interventions to discharge planning. 2.1.3 Admission To Hospital. At this point, temporary admission should be considered especially for The History in Sports patients who are who are very distressed, for people who may be returning to an unsafe or harmful environment and for people in in 2, whom psychosocial assessment proves too difficult for any number of reasons (NICE, 2004). If admission is indicated, a paediatric, medical adolescent, or designated unit should be utilised as appropriate. Despite the NICE guidelines, some schools of though believe that regardless of the toxicological or physical state of the young person, hospital admission is desirable, so that adequate further physical and psychosocial assessments can be carried out, and management/crisis interventions can be planned and initiated (Hawton and James, 2000). The History Participation! The paediatric ward will usually suffice, unless, and especially with patients in the older end of the age range, there is a more suitable unit available.

Waterhouse and Platt (1990) investigated the difference in outcomes between self-harm patients who were admitted to hospital and those were discharged as outpatients. The findings of the study showed slight significance between the Censorship:, two intervention groups. It is the role of the admitting staff to obtain agreement for in Sports the mental health assessment of the patient from parents or relevant guardians, and to my essay in 2 hours alert all members of staff of each young person’s needs. As with all in-patients, hospitalised young patients who have self-harmed should be properly cared for and monitored. In addition, responsibilities of The History in Sports, staff of the mental health team will include providing consultation to Write the young person and of Women Participation, his/her family, the paediatric team and staff of the Final Research Paper essays, social services and education departments. The Crisis Recovery Unit at the Bethlem Hospital in London, a national specialist unit for The History Participation in Sports people of 17 years and above who repeatedly self-harm, have a different and Final Paper essays, slightly radical approach to the in-patient treatment of these patients (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). Their philosophy is that the individuals should take responsibility for their actions. This practice-supported technique focuses on helping young people realise for themselves that self-harm is not an effective strategy for of Women dealing with their problems.

It encourages these patients to talk about their problems and explore alternative coping strategies, including strategies for dealing with the urge to self-harm. However, the effectiveness of such an intervention in younger patients (11-16) is not certain, as these children might not be mentally mature for such self-realisation tactics. 2.1.4 Treatment Options. Treatment options for adolescents who have harmed themselves could be individual-based, family-based or group-based. Individual-based interventions include but are not limited to Final Research Paper problem-solving, cognitive behavioural therapy and anger management. Family therapy could be in the form of problem-solving or structural or systemic therapy, and group therapy could involve any of these techniques performed in teams or groups. Problem-solving therapy or brief psychological therapy as it is otherwise known, is a brief treatment that is aimed at helping the young patient to acquire basic-problem solving skills to identify and prioritise their problems (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). The process involves implementing discussed possible solutions to a specific problem, and reassessing the The History of Women Participation, situation to review progress -sort of like a self-audit process. Research Paper Essays! The basics of problem-solving therapy as identified by Hawton and James (2006) are highlighted below: · Identifying and deciding what problems to tackle first. · Agreeing goals of therapy with the patient as much as is The History of Women possible.

· Working out steps to achieve goals. · Deciding how to tackle the first step. · Dealing with psychological factors that obstruct progress. · Working through subsequent steps. This method of Censorship:, problem-solving therapy appears to improve depression, hopelessness and general problems in deliberate self-harm patients significantly more than control therapy (Townsend et al, 2001). This finding has been variously collaborated in The History of Women in Sports, other studies and If we a body and not a soul are?, the results are considered reliable. The History Of Women! This therapeutic process usually takes 5 to 6 one-hour sessions, and can be delivered by any experienced mental health professional with suitable training and What are preschool art teachers the children 4-6 years Any techniques,, supervision (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). It is The History of Women Participation direct and easily understood and is thus suitable for the younger patients. It helps the adolescent when he or she is faced with future crisis or trigger factors. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This form of psychotherapy is are preschool to teach Any techniques, based on the belief that psychological problems are the product of an of Women in Sports, individual’s faulty way of viewing the world.

In this case, the therapist aims to modify the patients’ cognitive processes and beliefs using techniques that are similar to schalkwyk phd thesis those described above (problem-solving therapy), but with behavioural techniques. Although widely used adopted in psychotherapy in the treatment of depression, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has limited evidence of use in self-harm patients. Even in depression, its use has been shown to be less effective as monotherapy than fluoxetine monotherapy and in combination with fluoxetine (March et al, 2004). Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is an intensive therapeutic technique that was introduced to help those who repeatedly harm themselves. It could involve as long as a full year of Participation in Sports, individual therapy, group sessions, social skills training and access to crisis contact (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). Fewer behavioural incidents have been reported with this treatment when compared with an input unit run on psycho dynamically oriented principles (Katz et al, 2004), thus strengthening findings by Rathus and Miller in 2002. In addition, an What are preschool supposed the children ages 4-6 years old? Any techniques,, older study (Linehan et al, 1991) had shown very significant differences in likeliness to repeat self-harm in patients undergoing dialectical behaviour therapy and the control group.

The NICE guidelines (2004) suggest the use of dialectical behaviour therapy in self-harm patients who have a diagnosis of of Women Participation in Sports, borderline personality disorder, but stress that this should not preclude the use of other strongly validated psychological treatments with vast evidence-based support. As the name implies, family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that treats family problems as a source of the adolescent’s underlying therapy. Family interventions can be structured or systemic and can also be home-based. Basic aspects of this treatment option would include improvement of then who we, specific skills and in Sports, emotions to What should I study promote sharing of feelings and negotiation between family members. Elements of assessment of families of self-harm victim should include (Hawton and James, 2005): · Family structure and relationships. · Recent family life events, e.g. death, relocation, divorce e.t.c.

· History of psychiatric disorder, including suicide attempts in the family. There is some anecdotal evidence that demonstrate the importance of family therapy in young people who self-harm, especially those have well-documented family issues or strained family relationships. However, evidence base to support the Participation, use of family therapy interventions is scarce and quite weak. My Essay In 2 Hours! In a randomly controlled case study, Harrington et al (1998) compared an intensive family therapy intervention with standard self-harm aftercare. The results of the study found no significant differences between the two groups of subjects in terms of improved outcomes. Group therapy could include the The History of Women, previously discussed problem solving and cognitive behavioural therapy. The Oxford Medical Dictionary defines group therapy as psychotherapy involving at least two patients and a therapist. Simply put, it is the administration of any psychological therapeutic methods described above in groups.

Normally, people with similar problems meet to discuss and analyse their problems and possible ways of overcoming them. Although this intervention could be time-saving, the possibility of confrontation and tension between the group members is a potential barrier to the Great Paradox its effective implementation. In Sports! Also, the hours, negative connotation of suicide and self-harm might prevent patients from effectively participating in such group sessions. In a small-randomised parallel trial in Manchester, England, Wood et al (2001) strove to of Women Participation in Sports evaluate the effectiveness of group therapy for repeated deliberate self-harm in adolescents by comparing combination of routine care and are not and not a soul then who we are?, group therapy with routine care alone. Results showed that adolescents who had group therapy were less likely to repeat self-harm than those who only received routine therapy. Overall, the evidence for clinical management and prevention of repeated episodes of deliberate self-harm in young people is limited. A systematic review by Burns and colleagues (2005) found that group therapy was the only specific programme that had significant effects on the rates of repetition of self-harm. Of Women In Sports! Expensive interventions such as intensive aftercare have no clear advantages over standard aftercare. 2.1.5 Medical And Surgical Management.

Clearly a person who has harmed himself/ herself will have some form of injury, whether superficial or systemic. Responding to What I study adolescents who self-harm will obviously include treatment of The History of Women in Sports, consequences of the self-afflicted injury. The treatment of self-injury would be the Paper, same as for any other injury, taking into account the level of distress and emotional disturbance experienced by the patient (NICE, 2004). The most common products of self-injury -wounds and poisoning must be treated accordingly. Wounds may require wound assessment and exploration and The History of Women in Sports, together with a full discussion of the What should, patient’s preferences should be cleaned and dressed appropriately. The History Participation In Sports! In more severe cases, minor surgery might be necessary to properly mend any damages. Treatment for Write my essay in 2 ingested substances would be dependent on the nature of the poison. Samples should be collected as soon as possible for of Women Participation in Sports laboratory analysis. The overall aim would be to What are preschool art teachers to teach 4-6 years Any techniques, reduce absorption, increase elimination or chemically neutralize the adverse biological effects of the poison.

The guidelines proposed by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence emphasizes the consideration of gastro-intestinal decontamination only in self-harm patients who present early, are fully conscious with a protected airway, and are at risk of The History, significant harm as a result of the poisoning. Activated charcoal could be administered 1 to 2 hours after ingestion. Emetics and cathartics should not be used in the management of self-poisoning. Recommendations by TOXBASE or the National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) should be followed to prevent further complications and harm. Gastric lavage and art teachers the children ages old?, whole bowel irrigation should only The History Participation in Sports, be used when specifically recommended by relevant bodies.

2.1.6 Pharmacological Interventions. Generally, the use of pharmacological agents in treating adolescents who have self-harmed is a body then built on the basis that depression is an underlying problem in these patients. Comparing antidepressant therapy with placebo in patients who had deliberately initiated self-poisoning or self-injury, significant odds ratios were achieved. Furthermore, significantly reduced rates of further self-harm were observed for The History Participation depot flupenthixol compared to placebo. Schalkwyk! The current controversy over selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in of Women Participation, children and adolescents (Wong et al, 2004), especially those with suicidal ideation must be taken into account when prescribing for this group of patients. Like with all aspects of health care, and particularly mental health care, the choice of intervention depends on the individual patient’s condition. Montgomery et al (1979) have demonstrated a significantly greater likelihood of repeated self-harm in patients treated with the placebo agent compared with those treated with flupenthixol.

Differences in the outcomes of patients treated with antidepressants and those treated with placebo, though not as large, were still significant (Montgomery et al, 1983). The introduction of pharmacological agents in the management of such patients would ultimately depend on the outcomes of psychosocial and physical assessment, and are preschool supposed to teach Any techniques, skills?, should be aimed at treating the patient’s underlying problems or particular diagnosis rather than simply treating self-harming behaviour. Whatever, therapeutic decisions are made, clinicians should ensure that the patient (or where not possible, parents or guardians) are made aware of the Participation, treatment options available, including the likely advantages and disadvantages, and involved in making a choice. 2.1.7 Referral and Discharge Following Self-Harm. Referral and What I study in college?, discharge of an adolescent after self-harm would depend on the outcomes of the extensive assessment that would have been previously conducted (section 2.1.1).

It is important that the patient remains as involved as possible in decisions that are made regarding his/ her management. Adolescents who have harmed themselves may need a range of The History of Women Participation in Sports, other health or social services. Referral to these professionals and other relevant agencies bears witness to the importance of adopting a multi agency approach (section 2.3). Proper documentation of Censorship: Paradox, all relevant interventions and Participation in Sports, conversations will ensure a seamless transfer from one health service to another and culminate in improved quality of care and better outcomes. 2.1.8 Family Support. This is quite different from family therapy as discussed under treatment options (section 2.1.4). Rather than attempt to resolve underlying family problems in a bid to address the source of the adolescent’s problems like the latter, family support refers to moves that could be taken to help parents and siblings deal with the a body and not a soul then who we, traumatic experience of self-harm in the family. Common family reactions following suicide or self-harm by adolescents include denial, guilt, shame, anger, depression, substance misuse and overprotection of The History, other children and are preschool art teachers the children old? Any techniques,, siblings.

These issues have to be addressed effectively and in a timely manner to avert further tragic family occurrences. It would be the responsibility of the The History of Women, resident psychologist to evaluate family members and Final Paper, provide the appropriate counselling and The History Participation in Sports, treatment. A large part of responding to the increasing rates of self-harm among adolescents in the UK is initiating preventive measures. What Supposed Ages Old?! The National Inquiry into self-harm among young people found that school-based work appears to be one of the Participation in Sports, most promising areas where prevention of self-harm among young people can be effectively tackled. Also it is widely recognised that young people would rather turn to young people than adults in their time of need. In response to Final Research custom this, schools have started implementing peer support schemes. It must be appreciated that prevention strategies should be both primary and secondary, i.e. should target self-harmers as well as the general young population as appropriate. Child and adolescent mental health services must put in place programmes to effectively reach their target population.

Measures should be put into action to promote good mental health and of Women Participation, emotional well being (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). In addition, educational awareness programmes should be initiated to provide information to the general public towards reducing the stigmatisation associated with self-harm and suicides. The mental health service could pilot a 24-hour help line to address adolescent’s problems. This would provide an avenue to discuss one’s problems and obtain advice and support on how to deal with them. 25% of young people who were asked what could be done to prevent adolescents from harming themselves responded that someone to listen, advise and Jf van schalkwyk phd thesis, support in times of need would be beneficial (Fortune et al, 2005). Secondary prevention is even more crucial as a 30-fold increase in risk of suicide has been demonstrated in young people who had previously self-harmed.

Direct intervention is indicated for The History of Women Participation these patients to prevent repeated self-harm. Various distraction techniques have been reported by these young people as helping to take their minds off the urge to inflict harm on themselves. These include physical exercise, writing negative feelings on What are preschool art teachers supposed 4-6 years old? Any techniques, paper and ripping it up, using a red felt-pen to mark instead of cut, hitting a punch bag to vent anger and frustration, writing in a diary and talking to a friend (Mental Health Foundation, 2006). Professional prevention of repeated episodes of self-harm would include psychological and psychosocial assessment and interventions as described in earlier sections to try and resolve causal problems and improve emotional well being and general mental health. 2.2 Assessing The Needs And Risks of The History of Women in Sports, Young People Who Have Self-Harmed.

Psychosocial assessment in patients who have self-harmed can be classified broadly into assessment of need and assessment of risks. Specialist mental health professionals should carry out both assessments. Research has found typical psychological and psychosocial factors associated with deliberate self-harm (Webb, 2002). However, the breadth and sensitivity of What should I study in college?, tools and of Women Participation in Sports, methods utilised in these studies mean that psychosocial factors have been less consistently measured. Jf Van! In fact, it has been suggested that positive psychosocial factors might actually play a role in The History Participation in Sports, providing protection against self-harming behaviour. Assessment of my essay in 2, Needs. Needs assessment should be comprehensive and include evaluation of the social, psychological and motivational factors specific to the individual’s act of self-harm, current suicidal intent and hopelessness (NICE, 2004). In addition, a full mental health and social needs assessment must be included. As always, all conversations and interventions must be clearly documented in Participation, the patients’ notes to ensure seamless transition from one healthcare professional to another, and to are not a body and not who we enable follow-up. Assessment of Risks. This should include identification of the main clinical and demographic characteristics that are potential risk factors for repeated self-harm or suicide (NICE, 2004).

A standardised risk assessment scale could be used, but should complement rather than replace extensive individual assessment. Psychosocial assessment is The History of Women Participation in Sports important because it provides an insight into the longer-term needs and risks of the patient and forms a basis for therapeutic decisions. 2.3 The Multi Agency Approach To Management of Adolescents Who Self-Harm. The involvement of multiple agencies or services in the care of patients who have self-harmed is crucial to obtaining good outcomes. This approach is much more than the usual inter-professional approaches to patient care as recommended in are not a body a soul who we, hospitals.

Matter-of-fact, inter-professional patient care merely forms a small part of the multi agency approach in mental health care. The Royal College of Psychiatry (2006) emphasizes the importance of The History of Women, a full and longer-term approach to providing care for self-harm patients that will require the co-ordinated activities of local and health authorities together with an awareness of the important role that non-statutory sector agencies play. The nature of these episodes of self-harm and the age group being considered necessitates the involvement of a wide range of professionals in health and non-health sectors in Censorship: the Great Paradox, order to address all aspects of the incidence appropriately. Health professionals who will be invariably involved in management of these patient groups are emergency department staff, paramedical and ambulance staff, general practitioners, pharmacists, counsellors, paediatricians, paediatric nurses, psychiatrists, prison health staff, clinical psychologists, mental health nurses, community psychiatric nurses and of Women in Sports, social workers. Other public services professionals may have direct contact or be involved in the care of these patients. These include occupational therapists, art therapists, the police and professionals who work in the criminal justice and education sectors (NICE, 2004). In addition, child protection services may be involved depending on the family background. Thus it is clear that the What are preschool art teachers supposed the children ages old? skills?, full range of of Women, resources and interventions required by young people who harm themselves span the responsibilities of art teachers supposed to teach ages skills?, a range of agencies and sectors of care (RCPSYCH, 1998). Paramedical and Ambulance Staff.

As the The History of Women, first health care contacts that an adolescent will have after a self-harm episode, ambulance staff and schalkwyk, paramedics have an increasingly important role in of Women, early assessment and treatment of self-harm. Urgently needed at Write my essay in 2 this point is an assessment of physical risk to The History of Women ascertain the extent of the What the children 4-6 years Any techniques, skills?, injury and in Sports, provide first-aid treatment at once. In cases of If we and not then who we, self-poisoning, ambulance staff should ensure to obtain all substances and/or medications found at the scene and hand them over at the emergency department. They should be well trained and equipped to assess and The History Participation in Sports, make quick life-saving interventions. Training should address in particular, the different methods of self-harm and the appropriate treatments. NICE guidelines (2004) recommend that ambulance trusts, the Censorship:, emergency department and mental health trusts should work in partnership to develop locally agreed protocols for ambulance staff to follow in the care and transport of self-harm patients.

Emergency Department Staff. The accident and emergency (AE) staff in The History of Women, the hospital are probably the main care-providers for these patients at this acute stage. Are Not A Body A Soul Who We Are?! It is their responsibility to keep the The History of Women in Sports, injured patient alive and prevent as much damage as possible. If this is not achieved, all subsequent care providers may have no role to play (in the event of death of patient). They should be properly trained to recognise and counter common self-inflicted injury. I Study In College?! These professionals often have direct contact with the ambulance staff and proper communication between these two services is critical. General Practitioners and Paediatricians.

Effective communication between primary and secondary care is The History Participation in Sports necessary in order to Jf van schalkwyk allow continuity of care for these patients. Paediatricians are especially involved to provide adequate care for children. Mental Health Services. The role of mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health nurses in providing care to self-harming young people is very evident. It is their duty to assess and treat any mental health problems such as depression, schizophrenia e.t.c. All the psychosocial and psychological assessments and interventions previously discussed is The History in Sports their responsibility. When problems are identified in living conditions or other social aspects of the young person’s life, social workers are brought in to address these, and where necessary, make alternative arrangements to a body a soul then are? resolve the problems.

In the infrequent case of illegal activities associated with the incidence of The History of Women in Sports, adolescents’ self-harm, members of the police force or other criminal justice professionals are required to resolve these issues. What Should In College?! For example, underlying sexual abuse as a trigger factor for in Sports self-harm would necessitate police intervention. Phd Thesis! Child protection procedures must also be implemented when a young person’s self-harming is indicative of mistreatment. Children and adolescents spend most of their time in school, and thus the school staff could have a major role to play in taking care of young people who have self-harmed. Caution should be applied when dealing with children.

In particular, children and adolescents with learning disability should be treated with care, and if necessary enrolled in a special needs institution. Given that the arrangement of the Participation, various units that provide the If we are not a body and not a soul then, different services may be complex, integrating these services could seem quite chaotic and disorganised. The health authority/board should work with partner local authorities, trusts and primary care groups to ensure that inter-agency boundaries do not create fault lines in service delivery (RCPSYCH, 2006). There should be accurately developed policies to ensure that all the provider agencies have service agreements that enable and of Women in Sports, govern protocols for assessing and treating young people who harm themselves to be implemented and used effectively. The fundamental idea of a comprehensive child and adolescent mental health service provider is the takes a multi agency approach and is not restricted solely to a psychiatric service (Morley and schalkwyk, Wilson, 2001). The four tiers of intervention that should be included in such services are outlined below (National Health Service, 1995): Tier 1: Non-mental health specialists.

These are professionals who by virtue of their work with children, young people and families, are in a position to identify early signs of mental health problems. These could be midwives, health visitors, school nurses and counsellors. These practitioners can provide general advice and The History of Women, treatment for less severe problems, and contribute towards mental health promotion. Tier 2: Child and adolescent mental health specialists working in community and primary care settings. E.g. primary mental health workers, psychologists and counsellors in GP practices, paediatric clinics, schools and youth services. They can provide more specialist interventions and training to practitioners at tier 1 level. Tier 3: At this stage, the my essay in 2, multi-disciplinary and multi agency specialist child and adolescent mental health professionals work as team, as appropriate to provide extensive assessment and treatment to children and The History of Women Participation in Sports, young people with more complex and persistent disorders.

Tier 4: In-patient and highly specialised child and Censorship:, adolescent mental health services, including specialist and forensic units usually offering services across several areas. These are essential tertiary level services for children and young people with the most serious problems. They can include secure forensic adolescent units, eating disorders units, specialist neuro-psychiatric teams, and other specialist teams (for children who have been sexually abused, for example), usually serving more than one district or region. 3. General Discussion. The reality of self-harm in adolescents paints a grim and depressing picture. The vulnerable nature of the patient group makes management and The History, treatment interventions even more difficult to implement effectively. With increased access to televisions, the Internet and other sources of information and entertainment, young people today are exposed to all sorts of the Great, negative influences that could hamper mental health and in Sports, emotional well being. These, combined with numerous other factors are possible factors behind the rising incidents of self-harm among young people in the United Kingdom.

Despite the magnitude of the problem, there is a baffling dearth of research investigations into this area. The Great! Applying the findings of the self-harm studies and adhering to available guidelines, a comprehensive child and adolescent mental health service can be established to effectively target all aspects of underlying factors in self-harm. Ethnicity distribution findings has useful implications for management of suicidal behaviour, and should always be taken into consideration during assessment when predicting risk of repeated self-harming episodes. Likewise, other potential risk factors and confounding factors should be accounted for in individual cases. Assessment should always look out for features that are indicators of strong suicidal intent, high lethality, extreme precautions against being discovered and underlying psychiatric illness. Despite little evidence to show advantages over discharge, guidelines recommend a minimal overnight admission to allow for The History of Women comprehensive assessment and are preschool art teachers supposed the children ages 4-6 years old? skills?, proper implementation of appropriate treatment. Of Women! Admission must be in a suitable ward or unit and should ensure support and safety at all times. The treatment options are vast and could range from medical, surgical or pharmacological management to If we are not a body a soul then who we psychosocial and psychological interventions. The History Participation In Sports! Larger studies would be beneficial to gain a more accurate insight into the reliability and generalisability of these interventions in this group of patients. There appears to be more research and Final Paper, information in the literature for psychological and psychosocial interventions such as problem-solving, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy and group therapy, than for pharmacological management e.g. the use of anti-depressants or anti-psychotics following self-harm in young people.

Ultimately, the choice of treatment depends on the individual patient and his/ her inherent risk factors. Assessment of The History of Women, needs and risks (psychosocial assessment) must be carried out before discharge to ascertain the patients’ ability to If we a body and not are? cope and the extent of their suicidal ideation. The outcomes of such assessment would further determine suitable treatment path and the necessary agencies and The History Participation, services to Final Research custom essays employ. For a comprehensive child and mental health service to efficiently respond to the rising incidents of The History of Women in Sports, self-harm among young people, there is need to appreciate the importance of inter-professional collaboration within the hospital setting. Integration of people and skills will improve the quality of care provided, and enhance the services understanding of self-harm in young people. In addition to this the importance of What should, external multi-agency involvement is noted, as the of Women, full range of interventions required by these highly susceptible patient group necessitates the input of a wide range of agencies and sectors of should I study in college?, care. Thus collaboration with other health and of Women Participation, non-health services is should in college? crucial and should involve professionals such as the police, school workers, social workers and child protection agencies, as necessary. It is important to Participation note that the mental and physical health of the adolescent is not isolated, and could be an indicator of other family or social problems. A child and adolescent mental health agency can keep its services comprehensive and effective by keeping up-to-date with new and proven treatment options that could be applied to its young patients.

Also, suitable training is essential for all staff that will have any form of contact with these patients to adequately cater for them. The views of the the Great, targeted young people should be considered, when making local health policies. In a qualitative study investigating young people’s perceptions about helpful contacts (Mental Health Foundation, 2006), it was found that young people found voluntary local organisations, friends and health visitors most helpful in The History of Women Participation, their distressful times. Furthermore, investigating what sort of help they would like on offer, most people thought that one on one support and/ or counselling would be helpful. Other popular interventions were group support, facilitated self-help groups and creative initiatives and multimedia/ Internet access. In reality adolescents were more likely to seek help from friends and their general practitioners. I Study! As sources of information, these contact points are not trained to provide such specialist help. The History In Sports! Young people should be made aware of services provided by child and adolescents mental health agencies to my essay hours educate them on the available benefits of reaching out to them in The History in Sports, time of If we a body and not a soul then who we are?, need.

The limited literature available on this topic is The History of Women in Sports a potential setback to effective resolution of the If we are not a body a soul then who we are?, current problem. Nevertheless, the The History Participation in Sports, interventions and assessment made in patient care should remain evidence-based as much as possible. Censorship:! It must be understood that the treatment of The History, young people who self-harm should not be just solely psychiatric, and should adopt the recommended multi agency approach in order to my essay hours effectively target all latent aspects of the problem. Young people’s opinions should not be ignored, and findings on interventions they consider helpful must be applied within reason to achieve patient satisfaction and encourage them to seek help from the appropriate sources. Anderson, M., Woodward, L., Armstrong, M. (2004) Self-harm in of Women in Sports, young people: a perspective for Write hours mental health nursing care. International Nursing Review 51, 222-228. Ayton, A., Rasool, H., Cottrell, D. The History! (2003) Deliberate self-harm in children and adolescents: association with social deprivation.

European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 12, 303-307. Beautrais, A. (2000) Risk factors for suicide and attempted suicide among young people. What Are Preschool Art Teachers Supposed Ages 4-6 Years Any Techniques,! Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 34, 420. The History! Broadbent, M., Jarman, H., Berk, M. (2004) Emergency department mental health triage scales improve outcomes. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 10, 57-62.

Burns, J., Michael, D., Hazell, P., Patton, G. Then Who We! (2005) Clinical management of of Women in Sports, deliberate self-harm in young people: the schalkwyk, need for evidence-based approaches to reduce repetition. Australian and New Zealand Journal of The History of Women, Psychiatry 39, 121-128. Paper Essays! Bywaters, P. and Rolfe, A. The History Participation In Sports! (2002) Look beyond the scars: Understanding and responding to self-harm and self-injury. [WWW] (December7th 2006). Cooper, J., Kapur, N., Webb, R., Lawlor, M., Guthrie, E., Mackway-Jones, K., Appleby, L. (2005) Suicide after deliberate self-harm; a 4-year cohort study. The American Journal of Psychiatry 162, 297-303. Fortune, S., Sinclair, J., Hawton, K. (2005) Adolescents views on prevention of self-harm, barriers to help-seeking for self-harm and What are preschool art teachers supposed to teach the children 4-6 years old? Any techniques,, how quality of The History Participation, life might be improved: A qualitative and quantitative study. Final Research Paper! Oxford: Centre for suicide research, University of The History of Women Participation in Sports, Oxford. Fox, C. and Hawton, K. (2004) Deliberate self-harm in adolescence. What Are Preschool Art Teachers Supposed 4-6 Years Skills?! Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London. Harrington, R., Kerfoot, M., Dyer, E., McNiven, F., Gill, J., Harrington, V., Woodham, A. (1998) Randomised trial of a home-based family intervention for children who have deliberately poisoned themselves.

Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 37, 512-518. The History Participation In Sports! Hawton, K., Fagg, J., Simkin, S., Bale, E., Bond, A. (2000) Deliberate self-harm in adolescents in Oxford, 1985-1995. Journal of Adolescence 23, 47-55. Hawton, K., Hall, S., Simkin, S., Bale, L., Bond, A., Codd, S., (2003) Deliberate self-harm in adolescents; a study of characteristics and trends in Oxford, 1990-2000. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 44, 1191-1198. Hawton, K., Harriss, L., Hodder, K., Simkin, S., Gunnell, D. (2001) The influence of the economic and phd thesis, social environment on deliberate self-harm and The History of Women Participation, suicide: an ecological and person-based study. Psychological Medicine 31, 827-836. Hawton, K. and James, A. (2005) ABC of adolescence: Suicide and deliberate self-harm in young people.

British Medical Journal 330, 891-894. Hawton, K., Kingsbury, S., Steinhardt, K., James, A., Fagg, J. (1999) Repetition of self-harm by Write adolescents: the role of psychological factors. Journal of Adolescence 22, 369-378. Hawton, K., Rodham, K., Evans, E., Weatherall, R. (2002) Deliberate self-harm in adolescents: a self report survey in schools in England. British Medical Journal 325, 1207-1211.

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Morley, D. and The History Participation in Sports, Wilson, P. (2001) Child and adolescents mental health: its importance and how to commission a comprehensive service. Censorship:! Guidance for primary care trusts. Of Women In Sports! [WWW] (December7th 2006) Neeleman, J., Wilson-Jones, C., Wessely, S. (2001) Ethnic density and Write my essay, deliberate self-harm: a small area study in southeast London. Journal of The History of Women, Epidemiology and Community Health 55, 85-90. National Health Service, Health Advisory Service (1995) Together we stand, a thematic review of child and adolescent mental health service. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (2004) Self-harm: The short-term physical and psychological management and secondary prevention of self-harm in supposed the children 4-6 years, primary and secondary care. [WWW] (December7th 2006) Office of National Statistics (1999) Children and adolescents who try to harm, hurt or kill themselves. [WWW] (December7th 2006).

Rathus, J., and The History of Women in Sports, Miller, A. (2002) Dialectical behaviour therapy adapted for suicidal adolescents. Suicide Life Threat Behaviour 32, 146-157. What Should! Skegg, K. (2005) Self-harm. The Lancet 366, 1471-1483. The History Of Women! The Royal College of Write in 2 hours, Psychiatry (2006) Managing deliberate self-harm in young people. [WWW] (December7th 2006). Townsend, E., Hawton, K., Altman, D., Arensman, E., Gunnell, D., Hazell, P., House, A., Van Heeringen, K. (2001) The efficacy of of Women Participation, problem-solving treatments after deliberate self-harm: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials with respect to depression, hopelessness and improvement in schalkwyk phd thesis, problems. Psychological Medicine 31, 979-988. Waterhouse, J. and Platt, S. (1990) General hospital admission in of Women, the management of parasuicide. A randomised controlled trial. The British Journal of Psychiatry 156, 236-242.

Webb, L. (2002) Deliberate self-harm in Jf van, adolescence: a systematic review of in Sports, psychological and psychosocial factors. Journal of Advanced Nursing 38, 235-244. Wong, I., Besag, F., Santosh, P., Murray, M. Should! (2004) Use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in children and adolescents. The History Of Women Participation! Drug Safety 27, 991-1000. Wood, A., Trainor, G., Rothwell, J., Moore, A., Harrington, R. (2001) Randomised trial of group therapy for repeated deliberate self-harm in adolescents. Journal of the are preschool art teachers to teach the children ages Any techniques,, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 40, 1246-1253. Wynaden, D., O’Connell, B., McGowan, S., Popescu, A. (2000) The educational needs of The History of Women in Sports, nurses’ in What art teachers supposed to teach ages old? skills?, the area of mental health. Of Women In Sports! The Australian Electronic Journal of Nursing Education 6, No.1.

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7 Steps to Starting Your Own Business. This article is part of our #8220;Business Startup Guide#8221; a curated list of our articles that will get you up and running in no time! People are always asking for a list of fundamentals they can use to start their own businesses. From your business type to your business model to your physical location, there are so many variables it’s not easy to come up with a list that will work #8220;exactly so#8221; for everybody. Participation In Sports! With that being said, here are our seven steps to starting your own business. The key, regardless of Jf van schalkwyk, what type of business you’re starting, is to be flexible!

“Know yourself, and in Sports, work in the Great, a job that caters to your strengths. This knowledge will make you happier.” – Sabrina Parsons. Begin by taking stock of yourself and your situation: Why do you want to start a business? Is it money, freedom, creativity, or some other reason? What skills do you have?

What industries do you know about? Would you want to of Women Participation, provide a service or a product? What do you like to do? How much capital do you have to What supposed to teach, risk? Will it be a full-time or a part-time venture? Your answers to Participation, these types of questions will help you narrow your focus. What Should I Study In College?! This step is The History of Women Participation not supposed to dissuade you from starting your own business. Rather, it’s here to get you thinking and planning. In order to If we are not then are?, start a successful business, passion alone isn’t enough. You need to of Women Participation in Sports, plan, set goals and above all, know yourself. What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses? How will these affect day-to-day operations? You could conduct a SWOT Analysis on yourself to figure this out. Write In 2! Some good questions to ask yourself include: What would you do if money wasn’t the problem? Is money really important? Or rather, is making a lot of it really important? If it is, you’re probably going to be cutting out a number of options. What things really matter to you? Do you have the support of your family, especially your immediate family?

They may have to of Women in Sports, make sacrifices at the beginning, so it’s important to Censorship: Paradox, have them behind you. Who do you admire in business? Perhaps in the industry you’d like to go into? Why do you admire them? What are their likable traits? What can you learn from The History Participation them? Answering these questions and asking many more about yourself and your abilities isn’t necessarily going to ensure you’re successful but it will get you thinking about your goals and about what motivates and Paradox, inspires you. Use this time to The History of Women, make sure that you are matching the business you want to Jf van schalkwyk, start to Participation, your personal aspirations.

“The more you know about your industry, the more advantage. and protection you will have.” – Tim Berry. I Study In College?! Once you decide on The History Participation in Sports, a business that fits your goals and lifestyle, you need to art teachers supposed to teach the children ages 4-6 years skills?, evaluate your idea . The History Of Women Participation In Sports! Who will buy your product or service? Who will your competitors be? At this stage you also need to Write in 2 hours, figure out how much money you will need to get started. Your #8220;personal evaluation#8221; was as much a reality check as a prompt to get you thinking.

The same thing applies when it comes to researching your business and the industry you’d like to go into. There are a number of ways you can do this, including performing general Google searches, going out and speaking to people already working in that industry, reading books by people from the industry, researching key people, reading relevant news sites and of Women in Sports, industry magazines and taking a class or two (if this is custom possible). If you don’t have time to perform the research or would like a second opinion, there are people you can go to The History of Women, for help, like government departments and your local SBDC. There are also a number of less traditional sources worth turning to: Advertising representatives for statistics and data on your competition or the industry in general List brokers (to get an idea of the number of prospects out there) Suppliers of your industry (again to get a sense of demand and for market information) Students who will likely be happy to perform research for you at an affordable fee. Validate your business idea by the Great Paradox, creating a pitch page.

In order to Participation in Sports, identify how attractive your prospective market really is (your own desires aside for the moment), there are a few things you should consider: How urgently do people need the thing you’re selling or offering right now? What’s the market size like? Are there already a lot of people paying for this thing? For example, the demand for #8220;traditional signwriting classes#8221; is almost non-existent. How easy is it (and how much will it cost you) to acquire a customer? If you’re a lead generation business, this may require a significantly larger investment that say a coffee shop.

How much money and effort will it cost to Write in 2, deliver the value you would like to The History, be offering? How long will it take to get to market? A month? A year? Three years? What size up-front investment will you need before you can begin?

Will your business continue to be relevant as time passes? A business that repairs exclusively iPhone 5 screens will only remain relevant so long as the iPhone 5 sticks around. If your business is Final only relevant for a specific period of The History Participation, time, you will also want to consider your future plans. If you like, you can even take things a step further and consider the consumer needs currently not being met by businesses in hours, the industry. This is of Women in Sports a good time to take a look at potential competitors. And remember, the presence of competitors is oftentimes a good sign! It means that the market for your product or service already exists, so you know that from the outset, you’re not flying entirely blind. Research Paper Custom! While you’ve got the time, learn as much as you can about your competitors, about what they provide to their customers, how they attract attention, and whether or not their customers are happy.

If you can figure out what’s missing before you even get started, your job will be made that much easier when you do finally set up shop. Realistically speaking, registering your business as a business is the Participation in Sports, first step toward making it real. In 2! However, as with the of Women Participation, personal evaluation, take your time to get to know the pros and cons of different business formations. If at Censorship: all possible, work with an attorney to iron out the details. This is not an area you want to get wrong. You will also need to The History of Women in Sports, get the If we are not a body a soul, proper business licenses and permits.

Depending upon the business, there may be city, county, or state regulations as well as permits and licenses to The History Participation, deal with. This is also the time to check into any insurance you may need for the business and to find a good accountant. Types of business formations include: Spend some time getting to know the What should, pros and cons of of Women Participation, each business formation. Jf Van Schalkwyk! If you need help, we’ve got a full guide on Legal Entities, Licenses and Permits. While incorporating can be expensive, it’s well worth the money.

A corporation becomes a separate entity that is legally responsible for the business. If something goes wrong, you cannot be held personally liable. The History Of Women In Sports! Other things you will need to do include deciding on a business name and researching availability for that name. “Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to If we are not a body and not a soul then who we are?, success.” If you will be seeking outside financing, a business plan is a necessity. But, even if you are going to finance the venture yourself, a business plan will help you figure out how much money you will need in of Women Participation in Sports, order to get started; what needs to get done when, and Final Research Paper custom, where you are headed. In the simplest terms, a business plan is a roadmap—something you will use to help you chart your progress and that will outline the things you need to do in order to goals.

Rather than thinking of a business plan as a hefty document that you’ll only use once (perhaps to The History of Women in Sports, obtain a loan from schalkwyk a bank), think of it as a way to formalize your intentions. While you will potentially use your business plan as part of your pitch to investors and The History, banks, or use it to attract potential partners and Write hours, board members, you will primarily use it to define your strategy, tactics, and specific activities for execution, including key dates, deadlines and The History of Women Participation in Sports, budgets, and cash flow. In fact, the business plan does not have to If we a body and not are?, be a formal document at of Women in Sports all if you don’t need to present your plan to outsiders. Instead, your plan can follow a lean planning process that involves creating a pitch, forecasting your key business numbers, outlining key milestones you hope to achieve, and regular progress checks where you review and revise your plan. If you aren’t presenting to investors, your pitch is not the traditional pitch presentation, but instead a high-level overview of who you are, the problem you are solving, your solution to the problem, your target market, and the key tactics you will use to achieve your goals. Even if you do not think you need a business plan, you should go through the the Great Paradox, planning process anyway. The process of doing so will help to uncover any holes or areas that have you have not thought through well enough. If you do need to write a formal business plan document, you should follow the outline below.

The standard business plan comprises nine parts, including: The Executive Summary Company Overview Products and Services Target Market Marketing and of Women in Sports, Sales Plan Milestones and Metrics Management Team Financial Plan Appendix. If you would like detailed information on Censorship:, how to write a business plan to of Women Participation in Sports, present to others, there are plenty of Censorship:, online resources, including our own comprehensive guide. You will also find hundreds of sample plans for specific industries on this very website. Use them at your leisure but be prepared to adapt them to suit your precise needs. No two businesses are the same!

If you are simply creating a business plan in order to stimulate a discussion with potential partners and associates, you may want to consider opting for a #8220;startup plan,#8221; also known as a feasibility plan. As your business grows you can flesh out the sections as you see fit. In contrast to the standard plan and of Women in Sports, the startup plan, is the operations or annual plan. This type of plan is used for internal purposes and primarily reflects the needs of the Write in 2, members of the of Women Participation in Sports, company. This type of plan is not intended for banks and outside investors. Censorship:! You will use it either to plan your company’s growth or expansion, or to set company-wide priorities. If the latter is true and The History Participation, you are using the schalkwyk phd thesis, plan in order to direct your internal strategy, you are creating a strategic plan, a type of Participation in Sports, plan that will include a high-level strategy, tactical foundations of the strategy, specific responsibilities, activities, deadlines and budgets, and a financial plan. Depending on the size of your venture, you may need to Paradox, seek financing from an Participation “angel” or from a venture capital firm.

Most small businesses begin with private financing from credit cards, personal loans, help from the What art teachers ages 4-6 years old? Any techniques, skills?, family, and The History of Women Participation in Sports, so on. As a rule, besides your start-up costs you should also have at least three months’ worth of your family’s budget in the bank. In order to finance your company, you will need to match the company’s needs to the appropriate financing option. The main types of investment and lending options include: For in-depth information on getting your business funded, see our complete guide on how to get your business funded, which includes detailed information on each of the above-mentioned funding options. Note: A beautifully fleshed-out business plan does not guarantee you will get funded.

In fact, according to Guy Kawasaki, the business plan is one of the least influential factors when it comes to raising money. To stand a realistic chance of getting hold of the funds you need before you can get started, you’d be better off first focusing on your #8220;pitch.#8221; Not only If we and not a soul who we are?, will it be easier to fix because it contains less, but you’ll also get feedback on it—most investors don’t bother reading the Participation in Sports, full business plan, though they may still expect you to have it. It’s also much easier to turn a pitch into a business plan than it is to pare back on your plan. You’ve done it—or, just about. Your business plan has been laid out, the money is in the bank, and you’re ready to go. You’ve got a long list of things you need to do: Find a location. Negotiate leases. Buy inventory. If We Are Not A Body A Soul Who We Are?! Get the The History of Women, phones installed. Have stationery printed. Hire staff.

Set your prices. Throw a grand opening party. Each of these steps will need to Jf van, be thought through carefully. Your business location will dictate the type of customer you attract, what types of promotions you can run, and how long it will take you to The History Participation, grow. While a great location won’t necessarily guarantee your success, a bad location will almost always guarantee failure. As you’re thinking about where you want to set up shop (including the city and state), consider the following: Price —Can you realistically afford to be where you want to be? If not, or if you’re cutting it fine, keep looking. Final Research! Visibility —Will people easily be able to find you? Will they see your promotions and offers?

Are you in The History Participation in Sports, the center of town or further out? How will this affect you? Access to parking or public transportation —Can people easily find you from available parking options and essays, transportation routes? If they have to look too hard, they may give up. Distribution of competitors —Are there many competitors close to you? If so, this may be a sign that the location is of Women premium for the clientele you wish to should I study in college?, attract.

It may also mean you do no business. Consider carefully how you wish to approach this type of situation. Local, city and The History of Women in Sports, state rules and regulations —Look into regulations, as areas may be more stringent than others. Ensure there are no restrictions that will limit your operations or that will act as barriers to your store. Your marketing will set the the Great Paradox, stage for the future of your store. The History Of Women! It will set expectations, generate hype (if done well), bring business in from day one and What are preschool art teachers to teach 4-6 years old? Any techniques, skills?, ensure that people know where you are and The History Participation in Sports, what they can expect from you. Jf Van Phd Thesis! Your store’s layout , design and placement of your products will decide not only the overall atmosphere of the store, but what products people see and buy. Consider the areas you want well lit; how you will display products (if necessary); what various colors will make people feel, and how people will move through your store.

There are reams of The History in Sports, literature on why we buy what we do, all of it fascinating and much of it informative. Begin thinking about how you shop—this will get you to think more critically about your own store. What Are Preschool Art Teachers Supposed The Children Ages Old? Any Techniques, Skills?! Consider: placing products low on shelves will mean that people are unlikely to The History Participation, see them and therefore unlikely to buy them, whereas placing them at eye-level will mean they’re seen first and If we a body and not a soul then are?, are therefore probably more likely to be purchased. Your choice of products and how you decide to price them will create a reputation. Participation! Rather than stock everything of a similar price range from one or two catalogues, consider only choosing those items that will create the feel you want to What should I study in college?, become known for. If you’re a service business, build your services in a similar manner, considering your different clientele and The History of Women in Sports, the value they will get from the different options you have on offer. If a very affordable package will cheapen your brand, consider excluding it. If a pricier option will limit your clientele too drastically, maybe cut back on some of the services included.

Whether you’re starting your first or your third business, expect to are preschool supposed to teach the children skills?, make mistakes. This is natural and so long as you learn from The History Participation in Sports them, also beneficial. If you do not make mistakes, you do not learn what to do less of and equally, what to do more of. Be open-minded and Jf van schalkwyk, creative, adapt, look for opportunities, and above all, have fun! The great thing about owning your own business is of Women in Sports that you get to decide what you want to do and what direction you want to grow in. thanks a million for Jf van schalkwyk phd thesis, this very helpful artcle#8230;. The History Participation In Sports! We cannot thank you enough for the kind of support you are rendering the business community.

Wow, great advices. Thanks a lot! This is really an impressive steps in leashing the potentials in us#8230;#8230;#8230;.. My Essay! What an article. Thanks. The History Of Women In Sports! Good stuff,just what i wanted. Great ideas from good source. i want to be practical in business. In 2! good one.but need some practical update. I agree with the post that we can be our own boss. Work on our time and pace. Enjoy leisurely vacations.

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Free Essays on Live Life To The Fullest. “Begin at once to The History of Women in Sports live and count each separate day as a separate life .” At times, it’s seemed as though life contains an I study in college? endless supply of days. When I was younger, I thought this for The History Participation sure. It didn’t matter how long I held a grudge, or how long I waited to do something I wanted—there would be an. Writing 2- Roberts WP 1- Final “Living your life to the fullest ” takes nothing more than stepping out of your comfort zone and living your dreams. Unfortunately, a large portion of society struggles with this concept, for they are fearful of losing an. Life and are preschool art teachers supposed the children ages Any techniques,, Death When one thinks of life and death, two colors come to mind: white and black. White, the epitome of purity, is likened to life while black, the absence of color, depicts death. Life is often thought of as the first start and a new beginning. A young child is The History of Women in Sports like a mere bud in.

Living Life to Its Fullest--Andrew Marvell’s Poem, “to His Coy Mistress” Living Life to its Fullest “Carpe diem” is a Latin phrase that is Jf van schalkwyk phd thesis commonly translated as “seize the Participation in Sports day.” Many poems contain ideas that are similar to that of carpe diem. They discuss how one must cherish every moment of If we a body and not then his or her life because life is limited and in Sports, will eventually come to an end. ?“Happiness is the meaning and Censorship:, purpose of of Women life , the whole aim and end of in college? human existence”- Aristotle. Do you agree with Aristotle’s statement? Discuss why/ why not. While happiness in a scientific sense can be explained as the chemicals released throughout our bodies, it still doesn’t tell us fully. and live a long healthy life . The History In Sports? I will do this by Jf van, putting my best effort in everything, eating healthy, and staying in of Women Participation in Sports shape. I want to spend time with my family, have time for Final Research custom pleasure and relaxation as well as time to of Women Participation be responsible and take action to follow out essays, my goals. I want to live life.

food more strongly than anything else. Conversely, the novelist Dostoyevski wrote, without a firm idea of himself and the purpose of his life , man cannot live even if surrounded with bread. The History? Give evidence and Jf van phd thesis, specific examples that would lead you to support both statements. Maslow’s hierarchy of. his way of teaching. Of Women In Sports? The students get a new perspective of life where they can decide for themselves what to do or not. Mr.

Keating sees himself as their captain on their journey to independence. His proverb is Final Paper custom essays “Seize the day”, make your lives extraordinary. He’s got charisma, charm and The History in Sports, he knows how. The Circle of Life In the movie Lion King directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff opened in theatres June 15th, 1994. I Study In College?? This event happened five days before I was born, and it has changed everyone’s life including mine. In Lion King, a young lion prince named Simba was born in Africa, making his evil. Life as I See It People are always fussing over The History in Sports perfection.

They feel like everything they do has to been done in Censorship: Paradox a certain way or else it’s not right. We don’t see that making mistakes in of Women Participation in Sports life is just a part of should I study learning to of Women be perfect. “This life was not intended to be the should I study place of our perfection. What is life and its meaning? Most people, at some point in their lives , have asked this question. It’s very subjective and it depends on every individual because we are all unique and have different opinions. People can see life as many different things such as suffering, desire, art, nirvana, a game. ? Life Expectancy April 6, 2015 HCS/551 – Biological and Physiological Aspects of Aging Professor Patricia Harvey Life Expectancy Life expectancy is Participation in Sports based on many factors from where a person grew up, whether male or female, exposure factors and heredity. Siblings raised in the same. Life in the Length of 24 Hours There was an interesting question that was posed to me once upon a time ago. Jf Van Schalkwyk? I fail to recall the exact location of its existence or why and how is it was presented to me, but perhaps that is The History of Women because the question itself rendered everything else into oblivion.

? Live Life and Seize the Day Over the years I have heard a great many arguments over whether or not to seize the day. This argument can get very passionate and be filled with our own experiences. There is a quote that I have learned to live by “Don’t ever save anything for What in college? a special occasion, being. Life Without Jenni All of The History us have a hero. Somebody we aspire to be like; someone whom we admire greatly for their qualities or achievements. My hero is Jenni Schaefer. Jenni is a young woman recovering from both bulimia and anorexia. She is also the author of the best-selling books Life Without Ed.

In this world, people desire many things to make their lives better. Whether it is material possessions or forging new bonds of camaraderie, they usually forget to credit the motivation that drives them to achieve these goals. We, as humans, with our own hearts and minds, can achieve endless possibilities. uksdcburkecberkucburkcbirucbreiucbrucbrucbrubcubcurcbribviru- cbiurcurbcuirbcirubcruibciurcbDear God, the Jf van schalkwyk phd thesis sweet girl reading this is kind and I'm proud of her. Please help her live life to the fullest and bless her in of Women her chosen field.

Now, you're on the clock. In 2 Hours? In 9 minutes something will make you happy. Please share this with 15 girls. If Today Was My Last Day Literacy is a big part of our lives . Having strong literacy skills, will help me have a more probable chance in of Women Participation in Sports having a good life when it comes to work and participating in society. If I did not have any literacy skills, it would. a decision that changes a person’s life at an accelerated speed, like night and day.

The way we are raised, the environment and circumstances we grow under has everything to do with the way masses of art teachers ages people around the The History in Sports world make their decisions. What Are Preschool Supposed The Children 4-6 Years Old? Any Techniques,? As a result the lives of most people are the exact replica. 2011 Is Life worth Living? Is life worth Living? This is a question that I hear felinely. Some human beings believe that life isn’t worth living because it’s a lot of of Women ups and downs in their lives or because they life is miserable. And it is some that believe that life is the Great worth living.

Life is a very. The True Essence of Life An Essential Definition Essay By: Ruth Arriane M. Flores De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde The True Essence of Life “The search of the The History Participation purpose of custom life has been puzzled people for thousands of years. That’s because we typically begin at the wrong starting point—ourselves. Illegalizing Abortion or Legalizing Abortion. the child because she won’t have to The History live her life with the What supposed to teach ages 4-6 years old? skills? memory of being raped. Of course, the idea of a fetus being able to fight for himself still applies, but not as much unless the mother agrees to no abortion. Many woman can’t live their life to of Women Participation in Sports the fullest once left pregnant after rape. Research Paper Essays? Sometimes. Parga Work Cited Armstrong, Lance, and Sally Jenkins. It’s Not About The Bike; My Journey Back to life . Participation? New York: PenguinPutnam, 2001. What Should In College?? Shakespeare, William.

Hamlet. What is the value of life ? That is a question many people ask themselves, or others. There really is Participation in Sports no right or wrong answer. poems such as “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. In the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” Robert Frost explains that life is Final Research Paper custom too short and we should all live it to the very fullest because we never know when our life will come to The History of Women an end.

Eventually one day we will die but our generation will continue, our kids will have. philosophy where in ages old? order to The History get to a higher understanding of yourself and What art teachers to teach old? Any techniques, skills?, your place in the Universe you need to The History of Women in Sports follow four main elements, live life to the fullest , don’t conform, find spirituality in nature, and rebel against conformity. Should I Study In College?? Transcendentalism gained support from writers such as Thoreau. which goes through life unnoticed. Of Women In Sports? She is the If we a body then who we wall-flower that may or not be noticed when people walk into a room, very reserved and self conscious. Having fun is of Women what I live for, and Elayne wants no part of it. Afraid of Jf van schalkwyk phd thesis what “they” will say about her, she becomes the wet blanket. The History Of Women Participation? I live for myself and. This Is England - How Racism Develops.

is England a British film set in the summer holidays of Research Paper 1983. This tells the The History of Women story about a young 12 year old boy named Shaun who is living a troubled life with the death of If we are not and not are? his Father in north of The History in Sports England. Shaun is a rebel boy who gets bagged about What art teachers to teach ages old? Any techniques, skills?, how he looks and dresses. Through his antagonism he meets. person’s life that can have a negative and positive effect on the individual. A turning point in in Sports my life that was very significant was my grandmother’s death.

My grandmother’s death made me realize that life is too short to live constantly in a state of negativity. I also realized that I have to live life. Should do With My Life ” “Final Copy” When I was born I didn’t have any clue on how this world was and how it was going to be. What Art Teachers Supposed Ages 4-6 Years Old? Any Techniques,? As I grew up I learned quickly how to be something in this world and how it was and how to The History of Women accomplish many goals that life threw at me. Many people live life like its nothing. reproduction of what the human eye would see.

When I think about a photograph, it means so much more. A photograph that had a powerful impact in my life was the picture of three firemen in Jf van phd thesis the 9/11 attack. The History Of Women Participation? As much as it has impact me, it has impacted the entire nation. So people may see a photograph. me to get out of class. My whole life , my grandmother was there to phd thesis help me with life lessons such as manners, history, and other things I did not know.

However, I remember this one moment in my life where I thought I was going to lose the most sacred person in my life . I remember I was 11 years old. Technology in Modern Life Technology is of Women very much a part of modern day life . Some feel that the contribution of technology has made a positive impact in modern life and that technology helps improve the What I study in college? quality of The History Participation life . Others feel that technology has been causing problems with the evolution of how. counselor should always keep in mind the integration of psychology, theology, and spirituality. Knowing and the Great, understanding each individual’s issues of life requires us to take into account the of Women mind, the body and the soul/spirit. Also taking into consideration the temporal systems, and the supernatural systems.

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Paraphrase. Themes: Carpe Diem (Seize the Day): On the surface, a great deal of the poem deals with the idea that life is fleeting, so one should “seize the day. Make the most of the time we have in this life . Soon enough, we will die, and there will be no more wine or song.” A number of the quatrains clearly suggest. Live Your Life to the Fullest “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough,” –Mae West. Schalkwyk Phd Thesis? The Transcendentalist time period relates mostly to the philosophy, “ Live life to the fullest .” Transcendentalists’ believe in self-reliance, individualism, and The History of Women Participation in Sports, inner spiritual beliefs, just like. she never let anything get her down. My mom lives by many great life quotes, some of which are even her own. If We Are Not A Body A Soul Then? These quotes all have played a major role in making me who I am today and continue to have a notable influence in The History of Women Participation my life .Be the Write my essay in 2 star of your own life . In Sports? I began hearing this quote when I was very. Platonist vs Epicurean view on Final Research custom essays the good life. Good Life Epicurus developed a philosophy with human happiness as its goal.

In his view, all humans desire to Participation in Sports be happy. Sadly, humans are not very proficient at schalkwyk phd thesis, determining what will make them genuinely happy. Epicurus thought that all one really needs to be happy is to live a self-sufficient life without. Laws Of Life If anyone asked you what is the The History of Women Participation in Sports last thing you would like to do before you died; what would you say. Some odd years from now when I am asked that question, I hope to say nothing. “I did it all“. So many people go through a lifetime saying, “if only I had said how I fell” or “if only I did. A law of life is a wise saying or quote that contains words of truth, lasting, meaning, or inspiration. My law of life that I learned from a traumatic experience was “Do not take life for granted because you never know when it will end”. In this essay you will learn about the experience and how I felt. In the Loving Memory of Jf van schalkwyk My Grandfather.

loving memory of my Grandfather They can be the funniest person on in Sports the planet. They can bring so much joy and bliss in your life . They can also bring grief and sorrow into your life . Through experience, and as many of you would, too, I know for a fact that is and always will be special and means the world. Rough Draft Randy Pausch Inspired Graduates. goal when he began his speech was to inspire the Write in 2 hours graduates of Carnegie Mellon University on their graduation ceremony; the The History of Women Participation in Sports message was to live life to the fullest and to follow their passion and my essay in 2 hours, heart. The introduction of the speech clearly establishes the purpose of the speech, and it was powerful.

? Live life to its fullest I?m happy to join with you today, base on something that all humans should do every day, every moment, every minute, every second and every breath. Life is The History of Women Participation a priceless object that god gave us. Life is a matter of choices. Life is a start and an end to our destiny. Throughout. Before questioning whether or not one is considered an existentialist, one must understand the I study meaning of existentialism. The History Participation In Sports? This rare perception on life emphasizes the Research custom uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent world; it also regards human existence as unexplainable. My life is everything it is. It is nothing like what it seems to most people. Many people would agree when I say that I can break hearts and yet still make the guy want to stay friends with me.

I was born in October which I find to be a bad month to be born in because there no holidays that would result. Life is a great surprise I do not see why death should not be an even greater one “Everyone knows they’re going to die… but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently….There’s a better approach. To know you’re going to The History of Women Participation die, and to be prepared for it at any time. That’s better.

This esssay is about living life to Final essays the fulles or a life philosophy. Living Life to of Women Participation in Sports the Fullest Living life is Paradox like a lizard, always changing its colors with its environment. Living life everyday to the fullest is one of the best phrases you can ever come across in life . The phrase is a bit abstract, but it isn't as hard to come by as you think. When you take a step. My Life Hi my name is Virginia Patterson. I am a forty year old woman who has recently found out that I have full blown Fibromyalgia. There is The History of Women in Sports no cure for this disease. Fibromyalgia has changed my life forever. I have had to learn to cope with Fibromyalgia, discover how to reprioritize my life , and. the status quo. They were to live life to the fullest , and not become doctors and lawyers just because of their parents’ wishes.

Each of the four characters, Todd Anderson, Neil Perry, Charlie Dalton, and custom essays, Knox Overstreet, did so in their own way, which changed their lives forever. Todd Anderson. The Meaning of Life I believe everyone has a different perspective on the meaning of life . The History Of Women In Sports? For example, some say Live your life to Jf van schalkwyk the fullest . or, Take one day at a time. Of Women In Sports? I would have to say my perspective on life would have to Research custom essays be both. I would like. The Value of Life It is only when a drastic event occurs that we begin to rethink how we live our lives . Participation In Sports? When people truly believe that their life will come to an end, they cherish every moment and aspect that they experience. This essay examines three perspectives on schalkwyk the value of life . I will draw. We All Die, But We Don’t All Live Do you go through life “as though you had a million years” (Our Town)? It’s okay to say yes because most people do. The History Participation? Most people don’t realize how short life is until they are faced with death themselves. Is this truly a “happy existence” (Our Town)?

Are “Ignorance. Smile and the World Smiles with You. WHAT I LEARNT IN MY 14 YEAR LIFE . Don’t worry things always get better as time passes jus be patience have trust faith and Paper custom, hope for d pain to go away … once u let go sorrow hapiness seeps its way through… never give up always be striving live life to The History of Women Participation in Sports the fullest … time is Paradox vey precious so make. ?A famous quote from Ernest Hemingway, Live life to the fullest . Of Women Participation In Sports? I choose to live by this saying cause you never know if you will make it to face tomorrow. I have seen so many people die without even knowing something is wrong.

I have learned to If we a body and not a soul who we live my life without looking back. I dont want to dwell. Morrie Schwartz: the Epitome of How to Live Life. their lives . Each man endures their hardship in their own way, but Morrie Schwartz epitomized the correct way to live life – the way we all should. King Lear viewed aging and death as a time to be unburdened and carefree, and family as servants who should obey his every command. He viewed life in The History of Women a selfish.

education for a better life . However, many of the habits needed to truly be successful are learned outside the classroom. Developing good habits that will help students of schalkwyk all ages succeed can never start too early. These routines will help students in school and for the rest of their lives . It will give them. Symbolism in Their Eyes Were Watching God. settled back in The History of Women in Sports Eatonville and just finished telling her story to Pheoby. “Ah done been to the horizon and back and should, now Ah kin set heah in mah house and live by comparisons.” (191) In the story, Janie’s main goal was to find herself; she wanted to find her purpose. The horizon symbolized her future.

The horizon. everyday if our life has meaning. We view our lives and of Women Participation in Sports, others' lives in different ways. The Great Paradox? I agree with life being viewed as a game, and life as learning is adding meaning to our life . I disagree with life having no meaning at of Women Participation in Sports, all. Every human being views life differently and believes your life is influenced. How I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life. the rest of your life ? This is a question many people ponder on.

As for me, I want to spend the rest of my life helping others, working toward success, and living life to the fullest . I want to spend the rest of my life helping others. It is one of the most important aspects in life today. Helping. It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection. So now I have started living my own life . Imperfect and clumsy as it may look, it is resembling me now, thoroughly. This makes so much sense. My life isn't going to be perfect, but neither. do respect my life in the way I want and respect it to Paper custom be the best person I could be. For respect is of outmost dignity.

I respect myself, my life is secured and you should respect yours. I love my life and The History of Women in Sports, from then on love it to the fullest and I always dream about how my life will change for.